Monday, September 22

Lalalalala De Di Da..BLAH

September is almost over, I am so happy for October to come. I love the fall colors and the smells, weather, the hoildays. I am going to try to make a vailant effort to get all my hoilday cards mailed at a time that people will get them before the day. I am so bad at mailing things. I have birthday presents for some family members(in july&august) that I still need to send. Ooops! So here in Belgium it is nice and sunny yet cold. I LOVE THAT. I have missed an actual fall living in San Antonio, Texas these last 4yrs. We have been told that it does snow here just does not stick very well. That is fine to me, to have a little bit of snow will just make me over the moon. I loved living in San Antonio it just only got "cold" maybe 3 weeks out of the year in Dec-Feb. I get to use my hats and scarves. Speaking of scarves..what the hell was this trend of wearing them around your neck IN THE SUMMER?!? Can't those people just make them part of their ensemble for the fall/winter? I look at some of the clothes people call trendy and ...well lets just say I guess I do not understand because I am not a New Yorker or Californian. =)

I had a great weekend, Oktoberfest started...phew crazy Germans. It was quite a party, people dancing on tables, falling over, cool mugs(I am collect steins now) gross beer, yummy shots, great food....yeah that about sums up my night. I can not wait to have some of my friends come experience Europe with me. I am not taking anything for granted. We are doing more stuff to our house. Ryon started our flowerbeds. We got some goregous red flowers that were randomly planted around here. So we moved them over to one section, Ryon added the rocks we bought. It looks really good. Figure might as well get started before winter comes. That way next year we just have to re-plant some things and that is it.

Oh we also bought a white tree this last week. I have choosen to do white.silver and black. Kind of like a NIghtmare before Christmas thing. Now before y'all go "eeeweww" I had a friend do it last year and let me tell you it looked like X-Mas still and was very modern. So that is what I wanted to do, yet no black decorations here at our little PXtra. We might go look downtown area for some but then you are paying Euro and it adds up alot quicker. I will try some websites see if they ship. If not I will do a white tree and bronze&gold this year. I KNOW JEN GASP ME DOING GOLD. But I think it shall be the only gold I allow in my house. I am not a big fan of yellow gold colors. It makes my skin looked washed I typically carry that ill feeling towards it in all things. Well I did get a really awesome gold Guess purse. So maybe I am changing in my taste as well as other things this year.

I guess I will cut off for now, this is a lame entry, however I felt the need to atleast write something. Now off to tackle the fact that I can not read Jen's blog, it wont let me and I cant add her to my flow list. I am getting quite peeved.



Lisa said...

oh i'm so jealous you have a real autumn! it's my favorite season and we don't really get it here in cali.

and i can't wait for christmas, i am sooooooooooo excited! haha. so YAY! on your experimentation with new colors. :)

BitterSweet said...

I love this time of year too! Glad you guys have seasons there! I am hoping that we do too.

You'll have to take pics of your tree! :) I am surprised about the gold...but hey you are just broading your horizons!

Shanna said...

So I'm totally digging the whole Nightmare before Christmas idea. I'm actually about to watch that movie. Lol. You'll have to put up some pictures. Speaking of pictures you should put up one of your red flowers. Oh wait, maybe you have put some up on myspace? I'm so bad with myspace now. I hardly get on, which is bad because that's the only way I can talk to some people!