Sunday, September 7

Pure, Pure Boredom

So when you are in a land far far FAR away from your friends who could save you from boredom this is what happens. After taking Ryon to the airport this morning, half a day alone knowing I will be alone all week. NO CABLE..just my books and the internet. I stumbled across this picture maker thingy. Decided to play around with it. Soooo

This is what I looked like when I was a child

as a baby..on the picture dis-sorter thing

If I had been a Barcalona Painting

me as a barcolena painting..

If I was black, and not being mean..but the website needs to do some updating. They have an option for half ape and it looked just like the black one. HOW RUDE!!


Well lucky me one of the few people I have met and have hung out with outside of the ones in my head...(jokes) has called to invite me for dinner. Off to Kara's house I go for some grub!!


Anonymous said...

OMG Your pictures made me laugh sooo hard! :) How Funny. I'm glad you are on here too love! :) I love the music player!!!!!!! -Buttercup