Wednesday, August 12

Backyard Beauty

Just some quick snapshots of an amazing, spectacular sunset from my backyard. I posted one yesterday. So here are the rest, these are raw. Unedited in anyways. This just captures the beauty of nature. Hope you are having a great week, lots of bloggy love sent to y'all



Jamie said...

Those are some awesome colors!

BitterSweet said...

These are awesome! Great view and great pictures girl!

Lisa said...

oh my goodness! how did i miss this! hehe. these are sooo beautiful! i can't believe those are real colors. i really love sunrises and sunsets! those colors and tricks of light that can only be found in nature. you've captured it so well. i especially love the one with the silouette of the trees and the first one, the blurry one.

and thanks for your blog comments! of course now that school started i need to blog in order to procrastinate. ;) hehehe.