Tuesday, August 11

Simply Suprising

That is something that I think of when I think of women.

Women who work full time, do the gym, do their hobbies and still are amazing mothers.

Women who always have a smile on their face, even through sickness and stress

Women who do what it takes to make sure their loved ones are okay

Then after all that, when a normal person should have no more strength

They do a little bit more.

That is why women are just simply suprising

I am honored to be able to call myself one, errr well kinda.=)

Happy Tuesday




Lisa said...

awwww...love this. :)

it is nice to be a woman, huh? yes. i believe it is.

Lisa said...

ps: that is a really really really gorgeous photograph!! :P

Jamie said...

we really are pretty, freakin amazing aren't we? high-five!

BitterSweet said...

We are amazing!