Friday, August 7


So remember that lovely 20 some odd things to do this week? Well let's recap and see what I exactly did shall we???

I did try to get my car inspection done, but THEY FAILED ME. Because my battery is a little loose. Yeppers, that is the ONLY reason...:::rolls eyes:::::. Then I hung up one load of laundry, so have a huge pile of clean clothes on my spare bed. I kinda worked out this week but not really, I did not make a weekly meal plan. I did make some awesome food though.=)

I did make the calls to my mom and Shirley. Did not do the gym last week, not even once. Unless you count walking the dogs. But have done the gym this week. So cross my fingers I keep my willpower this week. I got wrapped up in my books, lol. That is just me. I am unashamed of it.

I am registered for Human Biology, Human Biology Lab and then US History 1865-Present,plus got my books ordered. I did not know as well on my grammar final as I had hoped. I did not mail ANY boxes...I am fired. But if you are my friend or family member waiting for a package, you are used to it. I also did not do Rosetta Stone. Maybe I should not make lists anymore. That way..I do not fail.

Anyways off here for now, gotta do some chores, then head off to the gym.



Lisa said...

hahaha, oh bridgette, you crack me up! sooo funny. :) yay for the things you did get to do, and oh well, maybe next time, for the the things you did not! :) hehe.

BitterSweet said...

Make another list and try again. The only way you fail is if you quit! Good luck in your classes and work. I'm sending you an electronic slap on the ass to get you movtivated for the gym. Lovers you.