Sunday, August 2

This or That...

Procrastination should be my middle name. Why? Well because I should be writing my Compare-Contrast Essay from Grammar class due at Midnight EST. Which for those of you trying to figure the time difference are 6 is my time here in Belgium. “But Bridgette, you knew this was due for weeks, are you not almost done”? You say? Hahahahaha try just an outline, I picked a topic, wrote and outline…then focused on other stuff, and now it is 11pm on Sunday night and I need to write it,

I had not had a chance to read everyone’s lovely blogs this week, soooo caught up on that. I updated pictures to my MySpace and facebook, (very important) as well to our shutterfly website. Got a bit excited because I have tons more lamp post pictures now from this last trip to London, I will get that book of European Lamp Posts made for sure. I jumped for joy when I realized I did not have to paint tomorrow (we have been painting our kitchen, another post for another time), worried about my loved ones by listening to Buddha Bar and going inside my mind with my thoughts…not a safe place sometimes.=) BTW for those who have not heard Buddha Bar…look the cds up, listen to the tracks, then buy them cause I know you will love them.
I also realized that I have 4 pairs of shoe pictures to post on my other blog, which by thinking of that got me really excited because I can shop again. MY ONLINE SHOPPING BAN IS OVER….I can start looking at shoes again, but after paying for the kid’s lawyer...well that is just a dream=)
So after all that I should be able to focus on my essay right? Hmmm nope…so started adding to my “100 Things to do before I die list”, read some of my latest book “Marker”, by Robin Cook, played some Mario Kart WII with Ryon…I won in case you had any doubt.
So now...after all that I am writing a post since been over 2 weeks since I had, and this post is as boring, jumping and pointless as my procrastination from this essay. SO I guess I will sign off with my list of 20 things on my mind for this upcoming week, which will be a busy first week of August.
You all have a lovely, lovely rest of your Sunday Night. If you read through all this jumbled nonsense, you are a kind soul.
1. I have to get my cars CT done tomorrow(emissions, brakes etc)
2. Got lots of laundry to hang up and put away
3. Gym everyday this week…MUST DO IT
4. Need to make my weekly meal plan(helps me eat right)
5. Call my mom and Shirley, let them know the airfare I found out
6. Got to follow my chore list, and not let the house slack
7. Try to not get to wrapped up in my novels, function in the real world.
8. Have that big grammar class final this week, even though the class ends in 2 weeks MUST STUDY
9. Make sure my fall classes books have been ordered
10. Stop everyday and Thank God and my loved ones for my life and my many blessings, no matter the stressful time
11. Work on not getting offended when people CONSTANTLY tease me about my poor sportiness(is that a word) or call me crazy or say I scare them playing games, I know they do not mean it the way I take it..(when I really just want to never play games with them again, since I really do not get crazy, I dislike that word immensely, after everything in my life…I could really be the officially term of crazy..But I am not. At least never been diagnosed, I admit I am a poor sport, but I do nothing to scare people…If I do and you are reading this let me know…quit teasing me.
12. Realized 11 is waaay to long =)
13. Help Ryon with the yard work, since he did not do this weekend , because I asked him not to
14. Try to get a box or two mailed from the GAZILLION we have to mail off.
15. Do Rosetta Stone 3x this week, to keep practicing my French
16. Do something for me everyday, bubble bath, face mask, scented candle and a breathing exercise..etc
17. Talk my boys for a walk 3x this week, they have been neglected due to other stress factors.
18. Try to catch up with friends in the states this week
19. Go pick some blackberries and try to make home-made jam
20. Love life


BitterSweet said...

You crack me up...I shall now call you Bridge Wasabie Love Thelma Procrastination C. Hehehehehehe. You have quite the list...Got me thinking if I have 20 things to do...Hmm let me think on that. I love number 20 :) Life is going to be over before we know it! We better enjoy it! Good luck with your week. You can do it! Love you mostest.

Lisa said...

awww man, this was cracking me up pretty much non stop. i love number 11!!! hahaha. you are so funny.

i am the worst procrastinator, too. i'll find everything else that i can possibly do in order to avoid homework!! hahaha. soo funny.