Friday, January 16

Dreaming? If so please do not wake me up

I am taking a break from prepping for my trip tommorow. We are going to Paris, France for our anniversary. Tommorow at 120pm exactly we will be married 6yrs.Then the very next day is his 28th birthday. Yes he is going there before me. Yippeeee. But I am hoping to do this lil suprise thing for him. Which is okay to post here because of two reasons. 1. He does not read blogs 2. IF he choose to start it would not be till I have already suprised him so it is all good. Today I have just thought about our life togther alot. It is so crazy when I stop to look at the short amount that we have been togther. It feels like yesterday and forever all wrapped up in one awesome package. Now do not get me wrong we have had our ups and down. Every couple is not always happy. If they are and never fight and have been togther more than a few months...SOME ONE IS FAKING!! If you know someone who has been togther and never fights, or is un-happy in any way. Please get them to bottle their mojo and sell it. =)

So why the title? I am just so in love. With my husband, my animals, my friends are great, there is no drama. I mean yesterday we had a lil bit BUT ehh that was quick. I mean in our direct life and daily routine we are great. For those who really know me you know that...well last year was the first year in my WHOLE life that nothing bad has happened. It freaked me out at first and I wanted to find the other shoe. Going around like a chicken with its head cut off to find the dreaded "event" that would just have to be happening. But after getting here and not really having my family or my girls and 100% counting on my husband. Well I embraced the change. I tell myself everyday how lucky I am to have this life, to have my loved ones(family and friends). I tell my husband thank you everyday for this wonderful chance. So here I am now and am going with the acceptence. I got so excited last night booking our hotel in Dublin, Ireland for March I could have peeed my pants. I mean it!! Look at this place!!!!!!!

Isn't just wonderful looking it is CLONTARF CASTLE built in 1172. I am going to be not only visting a country I have most of my ancestry in but a castle?? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh! Now both myself and my lovely husband are into history so we looked up some info. It was once held by the Knights of Templar, It was in some form of Royalty till the early 1900's, It then became a cabret and then sold in 1997 and has been a hotel since that keeps as you can tell its rich history very much alive. Oh and credit to the owners/runners of this place...MAJOR selling point. The history I told you was the 10 sec version if you want you should look some of it up. BTW this are not my photos, I wanted so desperatly to post some pics of the place we are staying that I looked for copyrights, or anything on the websites and could not find them. So I will replace these ones with my own in a few months time. So I will go and close this but I wanted to just hopefully share some of my joy. Is it making you sick yet? =) After reading some blogs out there I feel bad that mine can be so boring. But alas you are my friend so you must read it. I will try to post something poetic and whimsical or moving next week. I hope you have a great weekend. I will be posting on Monday again..I hope to but do not hold me to it.

Thank you for reading and see you around



Lisa said...

oh bridgette. i love reading your blogs. i am so glad that you are so happy! i know how it feels to just have that comforting, fulfilled feeling and to just look around your life and wonder how you got here and how you got to be so lucky. so anyway. i'm happy for you! and OMG @ that awesome castle!! jealous!! haha. i will make it to europe one of these days, maaaaaaaaaybe while you're there, who knows, but if that's the case i definitely want to come see you. :) anyway. we'll see what we can do, but that would be awesome! :P

have a wonderful weekend.

Georgia B. said...

i am sooooo jealous. i love castles. i want to live in one some day—sort of like the one Jeremy Irons lives in. :)

can't wait to hear about your trip and see pics!

(i love the music you have put on your blog!)