Monday, January 5

My tree..a little late in the coming

So this will be quick and simple. Back in Sept or October I mentioned how I wanted to Nightmare Before Christmas for my tree this year. Well as I said no one here really had the black that I could find. Ryon and I switch off every year on who gets to choose color theme and decorations. To be works out great for us. Well in 2010 I will do the black and white. I will be buying stuff till then. Well this year was I went with my 2nd Idea. Gold, bronze, copper on a white tree. So I just wanted to show what it ended up looking like even though the it is Jan already.


Catch you all around this fab-O-lous land of the internet Later


Georgia B. said...

hello, Bridgette.

thanks for stopping by my blog!

it's always a delight when someone new leaves a comment, because it makes me know people are looking at my blog that i don't realize are.

it also allows me to discover new ones. i'm glad i found yours. your blog background is really neat!

i like what you said in your profile. i, like you, love fried potatoes! so we have at least that in common. i'm pretty sure i can be described as transparent yet complex, too. :)

is it okay if i link to your blog with your first name when i give the answer tomorrow?

let me know. you can e-mail me by clicking on the e-mail link address that is on my home profile page.

have a good evening!


Lisa said...

cute! i still need to do photos of ours. :P