Saturday, January 10

Mumblings is all I can give

Another cold, snow covered yet sunny day in good ole Belgium. I do not have much to say. Which is kinda of like all week. Figured why stop now with the trend right? I hope to bring you exciting posts next week. This week has been a test of my willpower. Ryon and I are both watching what we eat, making the lifestyle changes we said we would. I say that instead of diet, diet is temporary and most of them fail. So we have been a lil short tempered. He is the one person that if we argue or fight, even get negative with that it just leaves me mental exhausted. Why is that? But not to panic we were not fighting it is just so much easier to be lazy and enjoy the slowness of our small quiet life. I mean that is unless we are traveling. Which I am stoked to say going to Paris next Saturday for our 6th anniversary. Tonight we are to a friends house to play games and just eat. So that should be relaxing. I am bringing a veggie tray in case they serve something that is not that good for me. Which is usually the case. We all love to have dinner parties here and not go out since we are all paid in Amercian Dollar and have to live off the Euro. I would love to start doing my theme night idea. Where you choose a type of cusine and stick to that theme down to plates, cups, movie, music...dessert. Everything. I have not done one since our Cajun nite back in Sept. So off to go relax with my hubby till we leave later. Catch you all around.

Oh and I am really excited to see what picture Jen Jen took. We both post them in the morning. It was my idea this week and I choose the human arm. Just have to have it in there in some form. Go check it out further over at Two Pictures.

Au Revior