Thursday, January 15

How did it change from Postive to Negative??

What do you think of when you see that word? Do you think plays, movies or shows? Do you think something you do not want in your life? How did this word turn into a Negative. When we think drama we usually think..conflict, stupid gossip, problems, petty --well I do anyways. So I looked up the meaning:

(n.) Dramatic composition and the literature pertaining to or illustrating it; dramatic literature.
(n.) A series of real events invested with a dramatic unity and interest.
(n.) A composition, in prose or poetry, accommodated to action, and intended to exhibit a picture of human life, or to depict a series of grave or humorous actions of more than ordinary interest, tending toward some striking result. It is commonly designed to be spoken and represented by actors on the stage.

To make it quick and that way I am not telling something in my usual time which is longer than to long. =) I got a call this morning about some study material of my friend and my husbands co worker. It was study material for a computer. So you know how things have license and registrations? Well some one came to visit us over the holidays. Ryon took this person into his work to check it out since they do the same thing in different locations. Find out weeks later,....that person STOLE this study material and registered it in their name. Well it was already registered to my friend. So this person gets an email informing her. So then as crap always rolls down hill I get a call at 830 this morning asking about it. Because the name of the supposed friend who stole it is known and shows up. Sooooo to me that is drama. Not only did this person intrude on our holiday season, not buy any food while he ate here, not clean up anything, even left his bed messy the day he left. He goes and steals from my husbands work...and FROM MY/OUR FRIEND. Does not even care??? Lucky that we were able to find out and get in solved with in an hr what happened. Because how UN-comfortable would that be. This place is smaller than small town. So I would have been highly upset if I lost a friendship and had things spread that are not personality traits of ours passed around. Sooo now we or my husband gets to confront this "supposed friend" about it. BTW this dude is think he would be a little more respectful and smart about things.

So that is why I looked up drama. I hate having it in my life. I am not someone who avoids conflict, I more often than not go running into full speed ahead to deal with it. Which is good and bad. Since I am impulsive in everything but those things matter those I love. I sometimes stick my foot in my mouth. But even with me not afraid of facing it ...well I just hate it. You have to go over and over things in your head, then confront people, a back and forth period of time. If your feelings get upset then you end up saying things you do not mean. It is a horrible vicious cycle that I hate. Funny enough the only drama I had last year around Feb involved this same friend of my husbands. So sorry buddy there are no 3 strikes you are out with me. You are not close enough to us, you do not enhance my life, or our life in ANY WAY. So finally straw and you are cut. Which makes me sad for my hubby he worked with this person for 4yrs and traveled with this person. So has to be hard for him to think about confronting this guy again.

On a lighter note to do something different and a girl thing. I signed myself and 2 of my girlfriends up for a women's self defense course starting this Friday. It is only 2 classes but I am super super stoked about it. I always say a quote " I may not know karate but I know crazy"..=) hahahehee. That is a line from Shanghai Noon. Or that is the first place I heard it..I think it is a James Brown line in a song too. Not to sure but I say that and I am antsy to actually learn REAL moves. So I will tell you how it all is on Monday. I might not post Saturday since it is my 6Th wedding anniversary and we are going to Paris, France for the day. Then the next day is Ryon's 28Th birthday. I am supposed to post my photo blog that day too. Jen picked Sunset's so I am excited to see her pic. So I will do a quick blog on Sunday here as well to show a few pics from Paris and his birthday and tell you how the class went.

Plus oh in keeping up with "Working on the new and improved me" fit/body wise. I am starting up yoga 3x a week and spinning class once a week. That way I will not get bored and my body used to the same work out routine. I am excited. I have taken yoga before. Someone people think it is just stretching but to me it is so much more. Man the breathing, the kicks your butt for the first while you do it. So wish me luck. Okay off I go enough boring you. I just wanted to do a Lil HELLO OUT THERE blog and a venting session.

See you all Around on this Crazy Internet we love