Monday, January 5

An Ode to Friends

I have been thinking about 2008, how great of a year it was. So that got me to thinking about people in my life. I wanted to say thank you to y'all. So this is going to be a long ass thank you to each person I feel blessed to have in my life, I do not know what I did in my other life to get the people I have in this one. But I love it. I am going to just randomly list they are not in order of meaning. So do not take any body's size of thank you or if their name is before yours. I care deeply for you all. As you know I am highly conscious of making sure I do not hurt any ones feelings. I will come back and continue to add to the list....I just want to make sure I thank everyone.

Your life has changed so quickly these last couple of years. You grew up fast and I think you are a great woman, sister, daughter, wife, mother and cousin to all of us lucky to have you in our life. I know some people are not close to their cousins but lucky me I am. I love you crazy girl.

Brittney- Your smile is infectious and wonderful to see. I am thankful that we made sure we got back in each others lives. You and I are kindred souls who have traveled down similar paths that left us some what broken I think. But to have come to where you are in should lift yourself up. You did it..when others said you would not. Look at all you have. It is great to see that. I know life threw you a couple of curve balls in the beg of 08' but to talk to you and hear you sound so damn happy lately is wonderful as someone who cares for you. Thanks for always giving me sound advice and always being willing to share a good meal and movie with me. Having you in my life is a great gift I will never give away. I look forward to seeing you when you get here. Miss you tons and Love you fellow Curly Q

Wow we live in Europe, it is just incredible the things we have seen and will continue to see together in our years here and as a couple. Our 6Th yr is coming up and it makes me smile in the inside more than my mouth can stretch. You are such a strong, determined person. You constantly keep me on my toes and make me want to do it all for you. Your touch can calm me, your words can move me(sometimes even to anger hehehe) we have never had a dull moment and I love you.

You are more than just the gorgeous face people see. You are such a multi-faceted person who constantly surprises me , your outlook on life, love, politics even music is great to listen to. We have been friends for more years than we can count on our hands. I love that! You being my friend is one of my many blessings I will never let go. You have been through things in life that would break a smaller person yet you get on trucking along with your flair for life. With busy schedules this year I know we will not talk as much as we want too. But that is fine. You are forever in my heart.

You are my little sister that has just shown me how much you can grow this year. You have been one of my favorite people since you were born. In true sisterly fashion you make me want to choke slam you as well. I love you goofiness rolled into the beautiful woman you are. Thank you for being such a fun loving, open-minded gal. You are not just a sister you are a friend. My sister-friend. I love you more today than I thought I could...look forward to seeing how your life will continue to UN-fold and look back fondly on your sometimes =) Especially when you followed me around in your diaper yelling "sissy".. you never have called me Bridge since you could talk. Just one more way you have to be different. Love you Aggie.

You just make me stop and cherish what a girlfriend is. You always know what to say, are willing to go on a ledge no one else will and stand proud that you did. Your vocabulary and intelligence are two things I long to have and look up to you for. Your fashion forward ways and amazing tech with make up is borderline envy/hate to see. Not really but is flawless.. You have always been such a beautiful person in my life, inner and outer. Thank you for being there when no one else was. You will never be able to know how much you mean to me..since I can never seem to tell you.

Jen-Jen aka Buttercup-
I have never seen someone go with their heart in everything they do the way you do. You have always been in some sort of "life-saver" role since I have known you. I always love to brag about my Nurse/EMT/Firefighter friend. You are the most prideful person in my life of your hertiage and I love that you are the whitest skinned Mexican on earth.hehehe You are my buttercup, bitch for life. I love how we can chat about everything and when other people in my life"could not handle me moving on" you stood by me and saw what I was going through. I always thought I hid it better. Your inner child always sneaks a peek out from the tough, perfectionist in you. I would have a broken heart if you were ever not in my life. Thank you for always being matter what.

I am so glad you moved to Vegas. You have been able to truly be yourself there. That is what I love about you. You are just matter what. And Screw anyone if they do not like you. Oh and you know I will regulate anyone who screws with you.You always can make me laugh and seem to always keep a good head on your shoulders and party like a rock star I love it. We have been friends through good and bad in both our lives. Thank you for sharing yours with me. I feel honored that someone of your caliber looks at me as a friend.

Your continuous strength inspires me. You never ask for help and yet look at how many people in life would help you without you asking. That should show you what type of person you are. Which is pretty freaking fabulous if you ask me. I hated working at Walmart in San Antonio. But the one thing It gave me was your friendship. We have partied like Rock stars, chilled at Barnes ALL DAY LONG and told each other inner feelings we would not share with others. In all those times we had fun. I love you and your beautiful boys. You enrich my life with your zest for standing on your own, your laugh is impossible not to laugh with. You are One Third of the Six Pack...and I will cherish your friendship for always.
PS. Hey I do not get mushy a lot so shut up and read it..=)

Steve R-

My love able are the only other positive thing that came from working at that store. You always do what you say. You are so responsible for your family others should be ashamed at their work ethic. I will always call you with a dirty joke or comment. Thank you for wanting to be part of my life. You are a friend I will always want in my life since you fill it with laughs and good advice for your young age. You have accomplished so much and still are not satisfied, your beautiful family should never worry with you as their backbone. I am so happy for you and Lorna and the New Ringley on the way. I will be happy when I can make that one want to come over to my house as much as Bella did.=( I do not say it enough but I luv ya Buddie..lots and lots. Thanks for always being there and trying to make me feel better.

Lil Bridget-
We both felt the same way from that time rolling our silverware at Cracker Barrel(eh) :" This girl is going to be great fun and my friend". You are such a sexy little thing rolled into one tiny, sweet and fun package. I love how you never leave a girl behind, always invited me out to places. How we lived in the same city for that year in 2005 never saw each other and yet remained friends. You are much more than people assume you are and you being someone I call a friend is something I am amazed at being able to do. You are the other One Third of the Six Pack...and I will always want you as a friend. The way you have adapted to motherhood, all you own too. Just shows that everyone can change when they want to. You gave up everything for London and she is one lucky Lil girl to have YOU AS HER PARENT. See you when you get here. I wont get all mushy and will just leave with I luv ya.

Steve M-

Thank you for taking care of my buttercup(if you even read this). You are strong man who I got to be able to know when we were just teenagers(19 counts). I am very proud to have someone in my life who has chosen your line of work. I will always feel safe in whatever city you live in. Be safe and take care of yourself have to many people who care for you. I know Ryon and I both look forward to living in the same city again. Plus I know you will let us borrow from your Blockbuster Store size movie collection. =) I do not say it enough nor talk to you enough anymore. but I miss you tons and love you dude.