Friday, January 30

Women Are Amazing

I have been bad about posting this week, I have found waay to many blogs that I am loving to read daily. There are so many creative women out there. I am thankful for blogspot and the easy access inside their homes and ideas. They have the homes I long to have. Some I have gone ahead and followed others I just read for an hr or so and come away with new ideas. So yes that is why I have not posted like I wanted too. Reading these wonderful womens blogs and seeing all their blogs makes me feel boring. I am going to start making Ryon go with me to the Brocantes(Belgium version of thrift stores) and get some good finds and fix them up. The only bad thing about being over here is that I do not have all the wonderful garage sales, thrift stores, Marshalls, Ross that I used to go to. I have to stick to ebay, and the broncates. But I WILL SPEND THE EUROS...I AM TOTALLY INSPIRED!! =) I want to paint something, fix it. So I am going to buy these UGLY, I mean UGLY gold mirrors I found for 50% off 75 bucks and will fix them up. I will post a before pic and after pic once I get the stuff to do it. It is cold outside right now so not good painting/sparypainting weather. BUT It will happen.=) I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am planning on a busy one. Friends Birthday dinner in a charming lil town called Ghent.BE and tommorow a friends lil boy's b-day party, then a girls night out at the movies. Here is a picture of something that always makes me smile. Since I was talking about women who have inspired me. I wanted to post pictures of women who are very important in my life, who make me smile...friends and my sisters. Now I did not post a picture of every woman who is special in my life. These are just from the first picture folder I opened. They are old pictures from 2002-2003 time. WOW! My sisters Jessica and Alexandra, Ashley is in the next one, Then Kira and Then Marisa.Awww I miss them. Okay have to get ready for tonight I have to look good and plus the place is an hr away. See you around.