Sunday, January 11

Not to be Cast Away

So today was the first day of Jen Jen and Myself to post our pictures of the week. I loved the serious and thoughtful spin she took with her picture. I on the other hand only tried to be artistic and put not serious spin on it except for wanting to choose the arm because it is a strong and much need body part that makes our lives so much simpler. I just wanted to have fun with the images...I took tons. I posted what I thought was the best one over on our blog. But I loved the others as well so I posted them here. I will give you a lil short description of why I took them the way I did.

<----This one to me was just to stiff, it was taken at the same place the one I choose to post was. Outside my front door. I had this awesome idea(so I thought) to have the sun be the bright light, and blur out my arm. Well winter in Belgium means no sun after um...530ish. So that never worked. But I think I adapted well with the security light.

Well I had a thought to make a heart out of my hands, did by these fake lemons in a vase I have. I really love this one. The contrast of my nails, necklace and the lemons was cool. But I could not get more of my arms in the picture. So this is more of a "human hand" pic. Sooo maybe some other time.

<-----I really wanted to show off my scars on my give it more depth than just...well an arm. Lol. So tried my dinning room light. Even tried to Photo Shop some but never got the desired effect. So here is just Another shot..this to me was lame.

So this is my "human" arm and my beloved Jax's "canine" arm. We were just laying on the rub in the upstairs office and thought this would be a good twist. If I could have edited my hand in the "STOP" postion then I might have used it.

I do not have much to say about my day today. Last night we went and had "Spaghetti Madness" at our friends house and played " Battle of the Sexes" which really did turn out to be a battle since all of us that were there are quite competive. Here is a picture of lovely Addison cheezing it up big time for the camera. I love this kid.

So off I go back to my Sex in the City Marthon Sunday. Being completely lazy for the weekend because of the week ahead has been my only thought today. So far so good!!

Catch you all around...=)



Georgia B. said...

Addison is a cutey! looks like she loves the camera as much as it loves her. :)

i like the first shot a lot. i don't think it's stiff.

~B~ said...

Thank you very much. I had another one very simliar to it that I actually used that was much better I think. Yes isn't she a cutie. The whole time she is saying cheese and her eyes get smaller and smaller. SO you have to take the picture quickly. A great cure for baby hunger is another thing she is great for. PLus her parents get someone who ASKS to babysit. =)

Lisa said...

i love the first photo, with the light, and the heart one. awesome! that is so cool that you are doing this. :)