Monday, January 5

Pictures are my love

Okay so go to Two Friends. Two Pictures come next Monday. It will explain there what I thought would be a great way to keep in touch with a friend, get good use out of my New Fuji S5700, and to hone my photography skills. I love to take pics always have. But Instead of just capturing memories of social outings. This year I want to..well take pictures that make no sense to some and touch others. I have wishful thinking of owning a Canon Rebel XT one day, I would love a reg 35mm film camera, and a poloroid camera one day as well. Sooo not to much to ask for right? Anyways I was having trouble to sleep last night and stumbled upon a very cool gals blog. I will add a link once I ask her if it is okay if I use her name in her. But she in turn had some many wonderful photo blogs on her read list.

Soooo now I have inspiration from fellow women on taking great pictures. Okay anyways the point of this blog is to make sure if you like reading mine you add the other one...mentioned above. Oh and btw I posted two blogs but they got put into the orginal dates that I started them on. So if you want to go look for Where have the years gone and Why

See you Around


Georgia B. said...

i know what you mean about photos. it has been the greatest gift to me in the last six months!

thank you for leaving generous and thoughtful comments on my blog. it's very nice to have you stop by.


happy picture taking! can't wait to see what you come up with. i hope you get your rebel, too!

Lisa said...

awesome idea! i'm gonna subscribe to your blog. :)